What we do

Some of the activities our members enjoy

Coffee mornings

Every Wednesday our members meet, chat and get to know one another in a friendly and informal atmosphere. Coffee, tea and biscuits are served. Some coffee mornings have a special theme attached to the them (e.g. Japanese calligraphy).

Sightseeing and trips

Our members frequently organize city walks and visits to interesting places in Wrocław and trips to picturesque locations in the surrounding area of Dolny Śląsk (although we’ve visited Germany too!). You can join one of our currently planned trips or propose and organize your own!

Language practise sessions

You can improve your language skills by joining our practise session held at the beginner and intermediate levels. Currently we offer conversations in French, English and Polish!

Join us

Join us

We are a multi-national and multi-cultural social club and support network for anybody living in or around Wrocław. We have our own Clubhouse which is conveniently located in the centre of Wrocław. After joining our club you will easily make friends, get to know the city and the surrounding areas, as well as take part in our activities and grow your knowledge of other cuisines, cultures and languages.

To become a member you can:
1. Join us in person: drop by our Clubhouse during Coffee Morning, every Wednesday from 10:30 to 12:30pm or alternatively use the contact form to schedule your first meeting.
2. Join us online.

There is no charge for attending our meetings. The membership fee is 120 zł per year.


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