Wrocław Multimedia Fountain 2023

Wrocław Multimedia Fountain

Unique on the European scale, the Wrocław Multimedia Fountain is situated in Szczytnicki Park, next to the Centennial Hall. It offers beautiful shows, combining artfully synchronized water movement with sound, light and image projections. The evening shows start every day at 6pm and finish by 10pm. But it’s the special, themed shows that are the most spectacular and worth seeing. Entrance to all shows is free.


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Special shows in 2023

May 2023

  • Friday May 5, 9.45pm: The Four Elements
  • Saturday May 6, 9.45pm: Micro & Macro Cosmos
  • Friday May 12, 9.45pm: Cathedral of Democracy
  • Saturday May 13, 9.45pm: Good Morning Marilyn
  • Friday May 19, 9.45pm: Beauty and the Beast
  • Saturday May 20, 9.45pm: Cathedral of Democracy
  • Friday May 26, 9.45pm: Micro & Macro Cosmos
  • Saturday May 27, 9.45pm: Cathedral of Democracy

June 2023

  • Friday June 2, 9.30pm: Beauty and the Beast
  • Saturday June 3, 9.30pm: Good Morning Marilyn
  • Friday June 9, 9.30pm: The Four Elements
  • Saturday June 10, 9.30pm: Cathedral of Democracy
  • Friday June 16, 9.30pm: Micro & Macro Cosmos
  • Saturday June 17, 9.30pm: Beauty and the Beast
  • Friday June 23, 9.30pm: Good Morning Marilyn
  • Saturday June 24, 9.30pm: Cathedral of Democracy
  • Friday June 30, 9.30pm: Cathedral of Democracy
  • Saturday July 30, 9.30pm: The Four Elements

July and August shows will be announced at a later date.

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