An American in Wrocław

We have caught up with Andrew who’s chosen Wrocław as his home town. This is what he told us about his passion for Poland, its way of life and why Wrocław has stolen his heart. He also runs a YouTube channel dedicated to Poland.

American Andrew

Can you tell us a few words about yourself?
My name is Andrew from the Washington, D.C. area of the United States. I went to college at UCLA in Los Angeles and have been to 35+ countries. I run online businesses professionally.

What brought you to Wrocław?
Wrocław was the first city I visited in Poland back in 2014 when I was on a trip to Europe to see different cities such as Berlin and Kraków. As Wrocław is half way between the two cities, me and a friend stopped off here. Back then it was a VERY different city and I did not expect to ever live here, but when I came back 8 years later it was TOTALLY different and really just a lovely place. A great mixture of a major city but also quite relaxed and friendly. I have been to Poland many times and Wrocław has been my favorite city to live in.

What do you like about life in Poland?
There are many things I love about life in Poland, but I would say the most is the people. Polish people have been incredibly kind, generous, open-minded, and have a great (if sometimes dark) sense of humor 🙂 I enjoy the food and beverage alot too, pierogi z mięsem and kompot are two of my favorite things!

Also, the nature is AMAZING and I enjoy going to Tatry and Mazury areas often. Additionally each city is different in its own way and all of them are fairly close to each other – no major city is more than a few hours away. Overall, I find the people and nature of Poland to be better than anywhere else and I love living here and learning the language 🙂

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